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Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Behemoth


Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Behemoth

How to Beat Behemoth in Monster Hunter World

As part of the Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV crossover event, the Behemoth decimates its way out of Eorzea and into The New World. This fight is not to be taken lightly and hunters should be as prepared as possible before stepping into the Elder Recess with this beast. Stop by the canteen before heading out and eat a meal to increase both your health and stamina because you’re going to need it for this fight.

The first part to any fight in Monster Hunter World is having a team that is equipped to deal with the threat at hand. Whether that is three other friends you play with or a group of strangers, you’re going to want four people when going up against the Behemoth. In fact, Monster Hunter World actually encourages you to do so. It’s okay to not complete this fight on your first try, because even when defeated, you’re learning about the monster’s attack patterns and tells. The same is true with Behemoth as the side of your screen will tell you what attack is about to cast, and yes you read that correctly, Behemoth casts spells in Monster Hunter World that fans of Final Fantasy will be familiar with.

Behemoth has some nasty tricks up its sleeve such as the Charybdis spell. This attack creates tornadoes around the map that must be avoided at all costs. Not only do they damage any player who steps into them, but they will also knock you back and leave you vulnerable to being attacked. When you see Behemoth casting this in Monster Hunter World, just be aware of where it was placed and try to avoid that spot like the plague.

Another spell Behemoth will cast is Meteor, which summons a giant boulder hurling from the sky to crash on a player. This may be difficult to avoid if you’re already committed to an attack animation, but the ground is clearly telegraphed to where the boulders will fall so just roll out of the way and you should be okay.

Behemoth’s Comet spell is similar to Meteor, only this time the boulder stays on the field and can be used as cover later in the fight.

Just like other big monsters in Monster Hunter World, Behemoth has a body slam, tail whip, claw, and charge attack that can be absolutely brutal if you’re not at full health. Staying underneath behemoth may seem like a good strategy, but beware of these attacks, because it can cause a quick wipe for your group.

The biggest spell and easily the most dangerous attack in Behemoth’s arsenal is Ecliptic Meteor. It is similar to its other spell, but this time it summons a massive boulder that has a huge area of effect. Anything in its path will be completely decimated and the only way to avoid this attack is by hiding behind one of the comets that remained on the field after Behemoth’s Comet attack.

Now let’s talk strategy. Some of your biggest opportunities to strike Behemoth come when it is in the casting animation. If you are not the target of one of its spells you should be trying to get in as much damage on it as possible. Even though it is one of your largest windows to get in attacks somewhat safely, it is still pretty quick so be sure to get in and out while you can.

One mechanic to this fight in Monster Hunter World that is extremely helpful when utilized is pulling aggro on Behemoth by attacking its head. If one hunter does enough damage to the head of Behemoth it will glow red and be focused on that player for a bit. This allows the rest of the team to start racking up damage on the monster, but still be aware of its area of effect attacks that may get you in the crossfire.

Waiting for your opportunities to strike are key in this fight; don’t get too greedy with your hits, and remain vigilant. This is a fight of stamina and persistence so get ready for the long haul.

Taking down Behemoth is no easy feat, but once the beast is slain it is time to collect your rewards and craft some sweet new armor.

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