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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Save


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Save

How to Save Your Progress in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Have you even sunk hours and hours into a game only to find yourself launching the game the next day with no option to continue? We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. We’ve all forgotten to save at least once in a game before. And as anyone who has lost a large play session because they forgot to save will tell you, it is the worst. Some games do it automatically. Some games require you to do so manually by heading into the menus. Other games require you to actually make it to a save point. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate takes on a mix of those saving options, but it’s not the most obvious, especially for first-time players. Here’s how to save in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

So, as you already know or will quickly learn, quests are absolutely everything in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The entire basis of the game revolves around you taking on quests to hunt down monsters throughout the world, returning to the hub to get your reward and then repeating that process over and over again. Eventually, you might find yourself so caught up in this cycle that you forget to worry about saving your progress. That’s okay, though, because in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, every time you complete a quest, the game will save automatically.

If you spend a play session doing everything but quests, then you’re going to have to save somehow. If you’re catching fish for a day, the game won’t retain your progress. If you spend the day eating, perhaps, then still, it won’t retain your progress. The only way to do so on the days where you don’t complete any quests is by going home. Once there, rest up in your bed by going to sleep and upon doing so, the game will save automatically.

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