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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Get Clothes & Outfits


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Get Clothes & Outfits

How to Get Clothes & Outfits in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

In typical Monster Hunter fashion, getting new outfits, armor, and clothing in Generations Ultimate is done by crafting from none other than the village smithy. To get the required materials needed to craft such outfits, you must go face your fears and hunt down some monsters out in the wild. Carving monster pieces, using your pickaxe on rocks, and gathering other items, will surely help you get the right items for the smithy.

All armor in Generations Ultimate can be crafted from either the Smithy or the Palico Vendor (who is found right by the smithy). These armor pieces will increase a specific set of stats, which you can look at by comparing the new armor set with the old one, and then choose which one best suits your look and fighting style. You might wanna go more for the defense or if you use a slightly weaker weapon like the Sword & Shield then you might opt in for higher attack power to make up for the lack of power. It’s all up to you to be honest, but just know that picking the right armor and outfits can make or break your quests. If you’re facing a fire-type monster, then be sure to plan accordingly and increase that fire resistance; the same thing goes for other elemental attacks. Once you learn each monster’s ticks and weaknesses, then hunting them again and again for materials will get easier and easier. You’ll even start to unlock the full armor set for some of these monsters once you reach specific points in Generations Ultimate.

That’s all you need to know about getting clothes & outfits in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. If you need more help, tips, or tricks when it comes to Generations Ultimate, please be sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide on the game right here. It’s chock full of handy information that will make your monster-hunting much easier.

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