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No Man’s Sky NEXT: Are There Microtransactions or Loot Boxes?


No Man’s Sky NEXT: Are There Microtransactions or Loot Boxes?

Are There Microtransactions or Loot Boxes in No Man’s Sky NEXT?

Microtransactions and loot boxes have been implemented in one way or another over the past few years. Both of these items have stirred their fair share of controversy in games like Battlefront, Shadow of War, and Dead Space 3 to name a few. These things actually have been so impactful the Entertainment Software Ratings Board had to step in an put a disclaimer on games with these kinds of additional purchases. So when Hello Games announced its NEXT update for No Man’s Sky, its biggest update since its release in 2016, people were left wondering if they too would add these kinds of purchases.

With No Man’s Sky being all about collecting different shapes, materials, and more, it would be easy to implement microtransactions into the equation, but Hello Games had this to say the community in a Reddit post “A little while after the release of No Man’s Sky NEXT, Hello Games has planned its first season of weekly content and community events. This will be free for all players, with NO MICROTRANSACTIONS.”

Hello Games is putting its foot down when it comes to microtransactions and loot boxes for additional content in No Man’s Sky. After No Man’s Sky’s rocky release, it has been working on providing players the game that was originally promised to them. No Man’s Sky’s NEXT update brings multiplayer, base building, and even a third-person mode. Along with in-game community events that will take place shortly after the launch of this update. These events will also be free for all No Man’s Sky players, and will have no additional microtransactions or loot box purchases when they launch. Hello Games’ commitment to giving its community and potential new player base everything for free is extremely important to it, and a sign of good faith.

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