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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Change First-Person to Third-Person


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Change First-Person to Third-Person

How to Change First-Person to Third-Person in No Man’s Sky NEXT

It’s finally here. The big update, No Man’s Sky NEXT, has finally dropped and with it, a host of new social features including being able to change the first-person view to third-person is now a thing that players can do in the game. NEXT’s focus is mostly on multiplayer. Now players can join their friends in their own games, and assist them with whatever it is they are doing. That might be one of the new missions featured in the NEXT update, such as killing defenseless animals, or taking out enemy starships. These missions reward you with Units and Nanite Clusters, and can be completed alongside your friends. You could also help them build their base, which by the way, as of the NEXT update, can be built anywhere you want. No more searching for habitable locations, build your base wherever you like, and build as many of them as you want as you are no longer limited to just one. No Man’s Sky really is changed a lot, and for the better, in this update.

You’re here though because you’re wondering how to change to the new third-person view in No Man’s Sky NEXT from the standard first-person view. To do that, press down on your d-pad, then a menu should pop up. Use your d-pad to scroll over to Utilities and press X/A. Then, the last option to the right in utilities is “Toggle Camera View.” Click that, and you’ll now be playing in third-person mode. You can switch back at any time back to first-person by just following the directions above again.

That does it for how to change to third-person view and first-person view in No Man’s Sky NEXT. Enjoy playing in third-person for the first time in this massive sandbox game. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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