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Vampyr: Can You Fast Travel?


Vampyr: Can You Fast Travel?

Can You Fast Travel in Vampyr?

Dontnod Entertainment has done a superb job realizing 1918 London in Vampyr. The aesthetic of the Victorian buildings are sublimely detailed and the bleak streets of the city’s east-end really tee up an eerily dark atmosphere. The overall design of the game’s hub is a semi-open world. It’s deceptively large, too, with four separate boroughs that each feature a myriad of main roads and backstreets. It’ll probably take you around five minutes to cross the entire map, but there are plenty of sewers and houses that make up additional areas to explore. What you’ll be wondering, though, is whether you have to actually put in the footwork and manually run around the map as opposed to just hitting a fast travel option.

The answer is no, you cannot fast travel in the game. But rather than an oversight, we think this actually adds to the tension and design of Vampyr. The streets are a risky place at night, and a big part of Vampyr is about nurturing the inhabitants of the city and making sure things don’t descend into chaos. If you could simply skip large wads of the town, you’d be eliminating the risk factor of letting a borough go ‘hostile.’

That’s all you need to know about whether you can fast travel in Vampyr. Check out our wiki page for more information on the game.

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