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Vampyr: Can You Change Character Appearance?


Vampyr: Can You Change Character Appearance?

Can You Change Character Appearance in Vampyr?

Dontnod’s newest game, Vampyr, transports players to a dark and violent version of 1918 London, while the Spanish flu pandemic is starting. Jonathan E. Reid is a humble doctor who, against his will, is turned into a vampire and has to try and adapt to the supernatural world. The crux of the game has you trying to nurture the inhabitants of London’s various boroughs, trying to not let each one descend into madness. There is some degree of choice over what kind of character you want Jonathan to be, but he’s definitely not a blank slate.

Jonathan is very much a defined character, and this includes the way he looks and dresses. Everything about him is period-appropriate, from the coat he wears to his general look. Unfortunately, you can’t alter character appearance, hairstyle, or clothing in any way during Vampyr. This doesn’t mean that his look won’t change at all, however, as your character appearance does alter slightly as his vampiric abilities take over. All of this allows the game to focus on how Jonathan changes and grows through the experience.

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