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Top 5 Best Games at Sony’s E3 2018 Conference, Ranked by Hype


Top 5 Best Games at Sony’s E3 2018 Conference, Ranked by Hype

5. Spider-Man

Best Games at Sony’s E3 2018 Conference

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Sony held their big E3 press conference this evening, and there were plenty of exciting new looks and announcements. We already knew four big games that were going to be shown off, but there were still some surprises along the way. With so many exciting moments to take in, we wanted to take some time and focus in on just what the best content was from Sony this year, kicking things off with Spider-Man.

By far, Spider-Man is the PS4 exclusive we know the most about at the moment, considering its release Sept. 7 release is just around the corner. The newest trailer shown during the conference gave us a new look at gameplay, with Spider-Man traveling into The Raft, the notorious supermax prison housing all of the hero’s deadliest villains. The clip gave us a taste of Spidey’s powers, including a special move that has him launching web shots in every direction as he spins around. As Spidey chases Shocker through the prison we slowly see more villains revealed until he’s suddenly taking on not only Shocker, but also Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and Mr. Negative.

Clearly, multiple villains will be playing a role in Spider-Man, something that should absolutely please fans of the superhero. It may not have been a hugely long look, but what we did see looks as promising as everything that has come before.

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