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Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Get a Dog


Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Get a Dog

How to Get a Dog in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Dogs have long been a staple of Harvest Moon, and in Light of Hope, acquiring one isn’t too tricky. You will be able to purchase a dog from Sofia’s Livestock, but only after you have restored the third lighthouse light. After doing this, she will add the pooch to the list of purchasable animals.

The dog will set you back a steep 10,000 G, and you can only purchase one in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, so you’ll have to give up on your childhood dream of running your own puppy farm.

Once you have your very own doggo, you will be able to enter it in the races held on the 20th of every summer and winter, between 10 AM and 3:59 PM (talk to Nova on the beach in order to participate). The higher your dog’s affection, the more closely it’ll follow your commands, increasing your chances of success. There are three classes for you to master with your mutt.

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