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Detroit Become Human: How to Get All Endings


Detroit Become Human: How to Get All Endings

Kara’s Endings

How to Get All Detroit Become Human Endings

First and foremost, I want to explain that there are a ton of ways things can go down in Detroit Become Human. So, to make things easy, we’ll separate them based on whether characters die or survive.

Spoilers will follow! You’ve been warned!

Kara dies in the house – It’s possible to straight up end Kara’s story by just having her stay still in the beginning of Detroit Become Human when the abusive father tells her to.

Kara dies at the end – This can be achieved in different ways. But basically, opt for Kara to not follow instructions or not attempt escape if she’s at the Recycling Center, or opt for her to go through the Canadian border while Markus is launching a violent revolution.

Kara survives but Alice dies – It’s possible for Kara to survive but Alice to not if you end up at the Recycling Center. When someone in front of Kara is asked to take an android body to the dump, volunteer in their place. Take the body and once you dump it, keep walking forward until you get on a truck and go. If Markus is doing a peaceful demonstration, the camp Alice is in won’t be liberated in time. Also, while at the center, you can make Alice’s stress levels high enough and she’ll break the rules. Don’t intervene and she’ll be shot and killed.

Kara dies and Alice survives – Again, choose anything that defies the guards in the Recycling Center in any way. Make ’em mad, basically. Then, Markus needs to be doing the violent revolution path because this will ensure he gets to Alice’s camp in time. Additionally, if you’re Escaping Detroit and are in the Canadian Border line, opt to “Sacrifice Self” as Kara.

Kara survives and Alice survives – Ah, yes, the happy ending. You can get these in both the Recycling Center and Canadian Border. In the Recall Center, you simply need Luther and Scarred Robots (released in Zlatko’s chapter). While waiting in line for death, accomplish joining Alice’s line. Then, look at Luther off to your left and talk to him. Then, look to your right and L1 on the fence (that’s the escape route). Then, talk to the scarred robots behind you. You can then look at the guard and send either Luther or the Robots. Send the bots if you want the Happy Family trophy. Luther, Alice, and Kara will all book it to the fence. A guard will stop Kara as she’s about to go, though. Opt to “Protect Alice” here and succeed in the QTE to ensure all three heroes make their getaway.

Meanwhile, in the Canadian Border, make the line and if you had saved the Jerrys before, you can use them for a distraction. If you didn’t, you can proceed through normally but Markus must be doing a peaceful protest. Only then will Kara and Alice survive and escape that way.

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