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Capcom Is Planning to Release Two Major Titles by Spring 2019


Capcom Is Planning to Release Two Major Titles by Spring 2019

Capcom will release two “major” titles, in addition to a swath of other games, by March 31, 2019, according to its latest financial results presentation.

Capcom didn’t disclose what kind of titles we could look forward to for next year, or any other details about them, but the news that there are big games coming in the future should be enough to make any Capcom fan excited.

Luckily, we have the biggest show in gaming coming up this June at E3 2018, running from June 12 through June 14 in Los Angeles, CA. It’s likely we’ll hear something about whatever these new titles may be when it’s time to head to the show and see what’s on offer from the company.

What could Capcom be working on? Hopefully a new Devil May Cry could be in the works at some point, as that’s a series we certainly need to see more of, but whatever Capcom has up its sleeve will be an interesting departure, most likely. There’s a wide variety of established franchises that could use remakes or additional titles, or some new IPs might be nice as well, if we’re dreaming.

If you have any predictions for what you think we’ll see from the company next year, let us know in the comments below!

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