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Spider-Man Has No Microtransactions and a World “Several Times Larger” Than Sunset Overdrive


Spider-Man Has No Microtransactions and a World “Several Times Larger” Than Sunset Overdrive

Sever new details have emerged about Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4, after Game Informer’s digital issue went live earlier today. In addition to a release date of Sept. 7, we found out some new info on gameplay, world size, and a few other features. In an interview with the game’s creative director, Bryan Intihar, Game Informer asked a bunch of rapid-fire questions.

Some of the big takeaways are that Spider-Man will have absolutely no microtransactions, play at 30fps on both base PS4 and Pro, include a photo mode, and in some way feature a playable MJ which we heard about last year. Apparently, the game’s map will also be “several times larger” than Sunset Overdrive, according to Intihar. He also feels like New York becomes its own kind of character, and Spider-Man can interact with its citizens in a number of ways. You can have little interactions in the game like taking a selfie with a citizen, giving them a high five or finger guns, and even salute them.

There’s also a big emphasis in Spider-Man to focus on existing Marvel characters, and not introduce a slew of new original ones. This means that most of the major villains will be iconic, returning characters. Hilariously there’s also a fast travel system that involves Spider hopping right on the New York subway, suit and all.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will launch on Sept. 7, exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can see the short trailer released down below.


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