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PUBG: How to Play New PUBG Map on Xbox One


PUBG: How to Play New PUBG Map on Xbox One

How to Play New PUBG Map Miramar on Xbox One

PUBG is the global gaming phenomenon which takes 100 players and drops them all onto an island to battle it out. Despite having launched out of Early Access this year, the game continues to receive new features and support. The battle royale game is now available on PC, Xbox One and mobile, with different features being available for each platform. One example of this is that the Xbox One version of the game is only just getting the game’s second map Miramar. The map is the large desert area added to the PC game months ago.

And while the map is now available to Xbox One players, it is not currently a part of the main game. In order to play the new PUBG map on Xbox One you must first download the PUBG test server. We have a guide which details exactly how to do this, but in short you need to head to the Microsoft store and search for it. Once you have it downloaded you’ll be able to test out the new map, which is the game’s largest so far. It’s worth noting that you’ll have to create a whole new character for the test servers and that they are only live during set periods of time.

Developer Bluehole often adds new features to the test servers first before making them live for all players. Recently, they announced that they are adding a map selector feature which will definitely come in handy once Xbox One has multiple maps to choose from. To stay up to date with when new features are being added to test servers, head to the game’s Steam Community page.

For more on PUBG be sure to check out our wiki guide and stay tuned for any news.

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