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PUBG: How to Download PUBG Test Server on Xbox and PC


PUBG: How to Download PUBG Test Server on Xbox and PC

PUBG: How to Download PUBG Test Server on Xbox and PC

PUBG is now out as a fully fledged title, but that doesn’t mean that developer Bluehole is done adding new features to it. Everything from new maps to gameplay tweaks and new weapons tend to go through a testing phase before reaching the general player base. This is done by adding in the new features to test servers, of which any player can access to help iron out the kinks of each new update.

For those of you on PC, it is actually a very simple process. Head over to your Steam library and find PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the list of games. Underneath, there will be an option labelled PUBG Test Server. Go ahead and download the test server and you will be able to try out the new features before they are officially added to the game. Note that you’ll need to create a new nickname and design a new character before jumping into a match. Currently, there’s a new map called Savage being tested, as well as new gameplay tweaks like new supply crate drops and event game modes.

Xbox One players can now download the test server onto their systems. To do so, load up the Microsoft store and search for PUBG test server. You should see the option to download it, which will give you access to new features being tested. It’s worth pointing out that the Xbox One version does not receive the same updates as the PC version, with the second map only just entering into testing very recently. Again, you’ll have to create a new character in order to jump into a test server match.

Be aware that the test servers are not live all of the time, with Bluehole turning them on and off as they add new content to the game. Follow the game’s Twitter help page to stay up to date with the testing schedules.

For more on PUBG, head over to our wiki guide.

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