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There’s a Big Surprise Coming in Persona 5: The Animation Soon

Persona 5

There’s a Big Surprise Coming in Persona 5: The Animation Soon

In case you’d already forgotten, Persona 5 has an anime series called Persona 5 the Animation, and it’s a nice representation of what to expect from the game if you haven’t been able to sink dozens of hours into it. The first episode is out right now, subtitled via Crunchyroll, and you can follow the game’s story via anime from there.

But there’s something interesting coming, according to anime director Masashi Ishihama, during an interview in the latest Famitsu magazine, as revealed via Siliconera thanks to Ryokutya2089. When asked about any “surprises” that fans may only see in the anime, Ishihama stated ““I believe there’s a bit of a surprise that awaits. And it might even leave you speechless when you see it for yourself.”

What that means has yet to be seen of course, but it could range from a number of things. We’ll have to keep watching as the series stretches on, but in the meantime if you want a taste of what’s to come you can check out the Persona 5: The Animation trailer below. Given that the game is a definite time sink, it’s understandable that you might not have played the game just yet, so luckily the anime should be able to nutshell things for you nicely.

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