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God of War: How to Stun Enemies


God of War: How to Stun Enemies

How to Stun Enemies in God of War

God of War is back with a brand new Nordic setting, combat system and focus on narrative. It marks the series’ first outing on the PlayStation 4, showcasing excellent graphics and realistic motion capture. Kratos is now facing down Norse mythology rather than Greek, shifting his sights to frozen wilds and black ravens. He is also accompanied by his son Atreus, who can assist Kratos by firing arrows at enemies. There’s no jump button, and the easiest way to take out enemies is to stun them then perform a finishing move. Let’s look at exactly how to stun enemies.

While fighting an enemy in God of War, you’ll notice that there is a bar located underneath the health bar. You can fill this up by landing hits on the enemy, either using the axe, arrows, or Kratos’ fists. The arrows and fists, in particular, are good for filling up the stun meter. Once the bar is completely filled, the enemy will be stunned. In this state, it is possible to perform a brutal finishing move. To do so, move towards the enemy and press the R3 button. Doing so will cause all kinds of chaos to ensue, with Kratos gauging eyes, pulling out spines and cracking skulls in true God of War fashion.

So there you have it, that’s how to stun enemies in God of War. If you’re looking for more God of War tips, or to find out the best ways to tackle each enemy, be sure to head over to our extensive wiki guide.

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