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God of War Reaches Second Ranking in Metacritic’s Best PS4 Games

god of war

God of War Reaches Second Ranking in Metacritic’s Best PS4 Games

The new God of War is cleaning house in terms of critic reviews, so much so that it has passed a major milestone on review aggregating site Metacritic.

In a post made to Twitter by the site’s official account, it was revealed the latest entry in the action adventure series has become the second highest reviewed PlayStation 4 game of all time according to their data. This places it above the former second place holder The Last of Us Remastered, which had held its slot for several years, and below the running first place holder Grand Theft Auto 5.

This is yet more promising news for the upcoming title, slated for release on Apr. 20. Set several years after the events of the third game, the title finds protagonist Kratos adjusting to a new life with his son Atreus. Setting off to scatter the ashes of his wife Faye, their journey is complicated when the Norse gods seek to eliminate Kratos before they suffer the same fate as the Olympian gods. As a result, he must fight back against their onslaught, and teach Atreus the ways of the world and godhood in the process.

God of War is set to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 later this week. For more on the game, check out our review to see what the game does well and where it needed some work.

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