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Epic Games is Giving Away Free Stuff Over Fortnite Outage


Epic Games is Giving Away Free Stuff Over Fortnite Outage

Fortnite is back online on all platforms after almost a full day of account and login issues, including taking the servers offline for emergency maintenance, and developer Epic Games will be giving out free in-game items for all players to compensate for the downtime.

In a blog post, the studio recognized the issues with the service and apologized. Epic plans to release a “detailed postmortem” about the online issues over the past few days, and how it will improve the service sometime next week.

Meanwhile, Epic is giving out free items this weekend to all Fortnite players in both modes as a thank you for dealing with the instability. Battle Royale players can snag a Back Bling gift from the store page, while Save the World players can claim a Troll Stash Llama located in the loot tab. Players will also receive a free pack of Battle Stars and Seasonal Gold for each mode respectively, but will be included in the planned update and maintenance next week.

Fortnite’s 3.5 patch released earlier this week, adding the Port-a-Fort item and other improvements to the game. Not included in the update was the return of the 50v50 limited-time mode, expected to release today. Epic said in a statement today the mode has been delayed until next week due to the account service issues.

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