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Battlefield 1 Will Cease Receiving Monthly Updates This Summer

Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar

Battlefield 1 Will Cease Receiving Monthly Updates This Summer

Battlefield 1 fans should cherish the updates they’re getting right now, as it looks like the monthly injections of content will be ending as of this June. The game has been seeing updates in a regular fashion and it’s been out on the market since October 2016, so it makes sense that the ongoing support would eventually be coming to an end.

The announcement came by way of a blog post on Battlefield’s official website, where DICE content lead Jonas Elfving stated that players cold continue to expect new content and fixes up until June.

“Enjoy the road ahead and keep jumping in to Battlefield 1 regularly – you don’t want to miss what’s coming,” said Elfving.” There were no further details about what’s planned, but if the content updates are about to stop, it makes sense that something big and interesting may well be coming. With the final expansion Apocalypse having released earlier this year, it could be something we haven’t even heard about before.

There’s a new mode called Shock Operations dropping this June, which will support 40 players and play similarly to regular Operations, but only focusing on a single map. It’ll be like a quicker Operations mode if you’re short on time. As Battlefield 1’s support draws to a close, it’ll be time to start thinking about what could be next for the series. Time to get on our thinking caps and figure something out, it looks like!

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