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Sea of Thieves: How to Shoot Yourself Out of a Cannon


Sea of Thieves: How to Shoot Yourself Out of a Cannon

How to Shoot Yourself Out of a Cannon in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves gives Xbox One and PC users a myriad of different activities to choose from when out and about on the high seas. As pirates, players can venture from island to island in search of untold treasures hidden deep within the sand. They can also fool around and shoot themselves out of a cannon.

It should be noted that this particular ability has a reason for use in Sea of Thieves outside of it being just plain old fun. When in combat with another ship and crew on the water, a cannon can propel players toward their opponents in an effort to fight with them up close and personal.

In order to shoot yourself out of a cannon in Sea of Thieves, you’ll first have to make sure you’re close to an enemy ship. Once you’re within range, run up to a cannon facing your foe and look at the very tip of it. You’ll be given a prompt that reads “Climb into Cannon” once you do this, so go ahead and press X to climb inside. Now simply aim yourself right and press RT to fly toward the other ship.

Rest assured that if you’re bad with aiming, you can get a friend to seize control of it and fire for you. Just don’t get mad if he or she completely misses and sends you to a watery grave.

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