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Sea of Thieves’ Launch Trailer Releases the Kraken

sea of thieves xbox one background

Sea of Thieves’ Launch Trailer Releases the Kraken

It’s finally time for Sea of Thieves to arrive, after a series of betas, stress tests, and various other opportunities for players to try out the game. It’s finally available next week, and there’s a new trailer celebrating the game’s launch that you can watch right now.

Developer Rare has released a look at the upcoming Kraken monster, but just a tiny smidge of a look, nothing too exciting. The Kraken is just as menacing as you thought it would be, rife with dangerous tentacles and an enormous body that’s at least as tall as your ship. You don’t want to mess with this bad boy, or maybe you do for fun and treasure. Who knows?

Sea of Thieves is rife with plenty of opportunities to kill off other pirates and plunder their remains for treasure, and it’s a game very much meant for you to play with your own crew of scurvy dogs. You’ll need to keep your wits about you if you want to survive out there on the ocean on your own, especially against a Kraken.

Whatever the case may be, you can see what you’re going to be up against when you reach the Kraken in the game. There’s no indication when it might pop up and ruin your day, but there’s a good chance that it could pop up without warning and scare the pants off of you. Sea of Thieves is set to debut on March 20.

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