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Pokemon Go’s New Community Day Move Has Been Revealed


Pokemon Go’s New Community Day Move Has Been Revealed

Pokemon Go’s latest Community Day is coming soon, in the next few days in fact. It begins on March 25. During the Community Day event, you’ll be able to capture a specific Pokemon and evolve it into another to get a move that can only be obtained via the Community Day festivities. We already know the special Pokemon up for grabs that day is Bulbasaur, and the move must come from Venusaur, which Bulbasaur evolves into.

You have to evolve your Bulbasaur all the way to its final evolution Venusaur before the end of Community Day to get the Grass-type move Frenzy Plant. This will carry over to any Venusaurs in your collection, so you don’t have to manually level all of them up to get the move. You’ve only got a small window of time to get the Pokemon and the move you want, so don’t let it pass you by.

The Community Day starts on Sunday, March 25 at 2 PM ET and ends at 5 PM ET. You’ll earn triple XP for capturing any Pokemon, and your Lure modules will last for three hours. If you’re interested in nabbing Venusaur’s special move, plan on spending some time outside this weekend.

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