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Fortnite Mobile Has Already Earned $1 Million in Just Three Days

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Fortnite Mobile Has Already Earned $1 Million in Just Three Days

Fornite Mobile only launched three days ago, and since then it’s already raked in a whopping $1 million. Keep in mind that this is a free app. All this money has been spent on in-game purchases all within 72 hours, according to data collected via Sensor Tower. Given that the game isn’t actually available to every single person who wants to join the Fortnite craze just yet, it’s shocking that it’s been able to amass that much money so far, but not quite surprising.

This means just about third of the revenue that Pokemon Go has earned in its first four days, which equated to about $5 million — it’s a lot of money from a lot of eager players who wanted to kit out their characters in one of the most popular battle royale games currently out there. It’s already on the top of the charts for iOS games in 47 countries and in the top 10 as well in 58 countries. It’s not even reached Android just yet, only available on iOS at this point, but when it does come there just imagine how much more money is at stake.

Fortnite Mobile’s success can’t be argued at this point, and it seems like there’s more to come for the game. Have you been enjoying it so far? Let us know!

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