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Fire Emblem Warriors’ Awakening Pack Releases at the End of March


Fire Emblem Warriors’ Awakening Pack Releases at the End of March

Koei Tecmo has announced the release date for Fire Emblem Warriors’ Awakening DLC pack, which will be arriving on March 29. The DLC will launch alongside a new update for the game, and adds on three new characters, new costumes, and new history maps. Olivia, Owain, and Tharja will be included in the pack and here’s a brief overview of each character.

  • Owain: Balanced Resonance – Raises damage dealt to enemy the smaller the character’s gap between STR & MAG stats is
  • Tharja: Destruction Pact – Raises damage dealt the lower the character’s HP is, but equipping this skill will cause slip damage which gradually reduces the user’s HP, although this won’t affect the HP damage evaluation in post-battle results.
  • Olivia: Galeforce – Replenishes Musou/Warrior and Awakening gauges for each time defeating a strong enemy/officer.

The pack will also add the Exalt costume for Chrom, Sage for Lissa, Dark Flier for Cordelia, and broken armor costumes for all Awakening characters in Fire Emblem Warriors. Three new history maps will be added on, along with three new weapon skills, and exclusive weapons to any Fire Emblem Awakening characters that don’t already have one.

The Update 1.5.0 coming with the Awakening DLC will include a number of improvement and fixes including the ability to record videos on the Switch version, raising the maximum level cap from 130 to 150, and adding on new weapon skills.

The Fire Emblem Warriors Awaking pack is available as a standalone purchase or included as part of the game’s season pass. What do you think of the new characters added on? Would you have preferred another character? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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