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Far Cry 5: How to Find Prepper Stash Locations


Far Cry 5: How to Find Prepper Stash Locations

How to Find Prepper Stash Locations in Far Cry 5

Aside from just blowing things up and gunning down cultists in Far Cry 5, the game also offers quite a few optional items for you to collect. The Prepper Stash is one such optional location you can check out to get some good loot. Some of them will also allow you to unlock outfits and special equipment that can then be purchased from the general stores in Far Cry 5.

Prepper Stash locations will only be marked on your map in Far Cry 5 if you’ve been informed about it by an NPC. These can be civilians you rescue on the road or at outposts, and some of them at base camps like Fall’s End will also tell you about their locations if you talk to them. Whenever you see an NPC with a white dot above their heads, talk to them to get clues about other characters you can find in the world or about a nearby Prepper Stash location. Once you get a clue about the Prepper Stash, it’ll appear on your map as a green diamond icon. You can then head there to try to locate it. Some of these Stashes require you to solve simple environmental puzzles, like trying to figure out how to get a door open or to power on a generator.

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