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Far Cry 5: How to Gather Intel


Far Cry 5: How to Gather Intel

How to Gather Intel in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 takes you to the luscious hills of Hope County, Montana, bring the series to the shores of the United States for the first time. There you’ll encounter Eden’s Gate, a militaristic doomsday cult bent on taking control of the country, led by the charismatic preacher Joseph Seed.

Along with the change in location, comes a few changes on how Far Cry 5 actually plays out. A staple gameplay feature of past games, towers, has now been completely removed. Traditionally, you’d climb a tower to reveal intel and a set of icons on the world map around you, revealing different hunting points, missions, etc. Now, however, you’ll need to get all of this intel by exploring and talking to people. Look out for landmarks or signs on the road, indicating new areas and objectives you can find. Talking to hostages you’ve saved or allies also give you a ton of intel, but there is a catch. Fitting with the themes and setting of Far Cry 5, people can often give you fake information. For example someone might give you the location of a secret stash, but going to the point leads you smack dab into a group of cultists. You’ll need to be wary of what the people of Hope County tell you.

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