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Bloodborne: How to Get Blood Echo Fast


Bloodborne: How to Get Blood Echo Fast

How to Get Blood Echo Fast in Bloodborne

Bloodborne is an action role-playing game set in the fictional world of Yharnam. You play as the Hunter who is looking for the cure for the mysterious blood-borne disease plaguing the land. The streets are riddled with powerful enemies, but you have a handful of weapons at your disposal.

One way you can earn new weapons and items is by buying them from Bath Messengers using Blood Echoes. You can earn the in-game currency by either slaying enemies or consuming blood echo items, and you’ll need plenty of Blood Echoes to stock up on supplies. Those who are a bit short on money can farm it with this easy method.

While at Hunter’s Dream, head over to Central Yharnam by activating the lamp. From there, travel to the area with the Scourge Beasts, those two werewolves, and wait for them to attack you. Once they do, make a run for it and hide inside a house. The Scourge Beasts will continue their relentless assault, although they won’t be able to fit inside the building.

You can start ripping the beasts to shreds in no time and collect any items and blood vials per monster once they’re dead. It’s worth noting that you can still take damage from inside the house, but you should be fine so long as you stay on your toes throughout the fight. Cash in your loot at Hunter’s Dream and repeat the process until you’ve gathered enough Blood Echoes.

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