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TinyBuild Porting 6 PC Games To Nintendo Switch

Hello Neighbor

TinyBuild Porting 6 PC Games To Nintendo Switch

Indie publisher tinyBuild is bringing some of its hit games to the Nintendo Switch, per what the publisher is calling its “Directly to Switch Event.” The publisher’s CEO Alex Nichiporchik announced ports of six of its games via a YouTube video, announcing every one of the games would be releasing in 2018. The six titles include The Final Station, Hello Neighbor, Punch Club, Party Hard, Streets of Rogue, and the phenomenal platformer Clustertruck. Each of the games, all currently available for PC via Steam, have seperate release dates peppered throughout the year.

The Final Station will be the first of the games released, coming out this month on an undisclosed date. The Final Station for Switch will also come with its Final Traitor DLC, making the game cheaper than its PC counterpart at $14.99 USD. The next title Switch owners should be on the lookout for Clustertruck, reportedly release in March, a game which has players jump from the roofs of speeding truck to speeding truck in attempt to reach the finish line. This announcement adds to the massive catalogue the Nintendo Switch has amassed in the past year. As of writing, the Nintendo Switch has over 760 titles, almost a hundred of which are Switch exclusives.

There are some interesting games in this release, so look forward to trying some of them out on Switch later this year.

This post was originally written by Babak Abrishamchian.

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