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Playstation Underground Offers a ‘Squeak Peek’ of Moss

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Playstation Underground Offers a ‘Squeak Peek’ of Moss

Polyarc’s upcoming debut PlayStation VR title Moss is just as cute as ever, and it’s even cuter with the latest look at the game afforded to us by PlayStation Underground. SIEA social media manager Justin Massongill took to the latest episode of the series to play through some of the adorable adventure, which looks like it’s going to be chock-full of some seriously awesome things.

You’ll play a tiny mouse named Quill in Moss, and she actually communicates players via sign language. She doesn’t have the ability to speak and can only squeak, and thus the designers gave her the ability to speak in sign language, which showcases some very thoughtful mechanics made with deaf players in mind. You can see some of this gameplay in the PlayStation Underground episode below, which you won’t want to miss out on.

You can even interact with Quill by, say, waving you controller and seeing her waving back at you. There are several things like this in Moss that you’ll have to discover as you play.

Additionally, Quill herself is now the star of a new iMessage sticker pack, which you can download right now so you can adorn your messages with the sprightly little mouse.

Moss is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, but there is no official date just yet.

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