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Overwatch: How to Play Brigitte (Weapons, Abilities, Ultimate)


Overwatch: How to Play Brigitte (Weapons, Abilities, Ultimate)

So the day has finally come Overwatch fans, the new character has been announced. After teasing the announcement for a while now, Blizzard finally revealed Brigitte as the game’s new support Hero. Daughter of Torbjorn’s and Reinhardt’s Squire, Brigitte has featured in a handful of Overwatch comics and in Reinhardt’s short. She is an engineer who loves nothing more than building custom armor and weaponry, having spent much of her childhood in her father’s workshop.

Her skills quickly began to tailor more to armor fabrication and defensive equipment, a contrast to her father who is most notable for his weapons. Brigitte is a support character first and foremost who boosts the armor and health of her teammates. She also displays a lot of techniques which place her in line with a Tank character, making her a hybrid of the two. Brigitte is able to inflict a ton of damage, deploy a shield and lunge forward using a bash attack. She has a one-star difficulty rating, making her accessible to beginners and pros alike.

To provide a little insight into the hero, we’ll take a look at her weapons and special abilities, including her ultimate attack.

Weapon: Rocket Flail

How to Play Brigitte in Overwatch (Weapons, Abilities, Ultimate)

how to play brigitte

Brigitte’s weapon of choice is a Rocket Flail, a melee weapon which is able to extend out to increase its range and reach enemies to do damage. By using her Whip Shot ability, Brigitte can extend the reach of the Rocket Flail even further, causing huge damage over a larger area.

She is able to swing the Rocket Flail and hit multiple enemies. Fans will recognize the weapon as being similar to Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer. The Rocket Flail also triggers Brigitte’s passive ability when it strikes an enemy, something which makes her an incredibly useful character to act as a core with which teammates can group around.

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