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Metal Gear Survive: How to Get Walker Gear


Metal Gear Survive: How to Get Walker Gear

How to Get Walker Gear in Metal Gear Survive

If you’ve been playing Metal Gear Survive online with others, you may have noticed that some players have managed to get Walker Gear to help quell the threat of the undead. Well, when it comes to robo suits with giant guns and the ability to kung-fu kick zombies, we think everyone should get their own. Here’s how to get Walker Gear in Metal Gear Survive.

For this, currently, we’ve only been able to find the Walker Gear on Metal Gear Survive’s Wrecked Base map. We’re unsure whether or not Walker Gear is tucked away on every map in the game, but we’ll update this guide with those locations as and when we find them.

Wrecked Based Walker Gear Location in Metal Gear Survive

For this map, you’ll need to basically complete the first two waves of this salvage mission. As soon as you’ve taken care of the final enemy in wave two, you’ll want to run out of the base and head southwest. It shouldn’t take long before you see a huge pile of warped metal and two decaying stone pillars shortly after. Head through between these pillars and keep running to the end of this area.

As soon as wave three starts, two Walker Gear will appear right in front of you. To get inside these powerful mechs, you’ll need to hold X on PS4, or A on Xbox One when next to it. Be warned, though, that if you leave it too long after finishing wave two, by the time you reach this area, powerful enemies may have spawned in.

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