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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Is Getting a Playable Demo and Half-Life DLC

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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Is Getting a Playable Demo and Half-Life DLC

Square Enix has today announced that the PC port of Final Fantasy XV, known as the Windows Edition is getting a playable demo next week. More importantly, though, there’s some Half-Life DLC also coming to the full game.

The news comes via a blog post over on the Square Enix site. The free playable demo will go live for players on Feb. 26 and will allow players to play through the entirety of the first chapter of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

The post also details an early purchase bonus for fans wanting to pick up Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Players who purchase or pre-purchase Windows Edition prior to May 1 on Steam will get themselves the Half-Life DLC pack. The pack will let fans suit up in Gordon Freeman’s legendary black and orange number from the critically-acclaimed series. It even comes with his glasses, too! The Half-Life pack will also be usable in the game’s multiplayer expansion, Comrades.

Exactly why Half-Life DLC, we’re not entirely sure. However, it’s sure to get the rumor mill churning away about Half-Life 3 again.

Final Fantasy XV initially released on PS4 and Xbox One back in Nov. 2016. We thoroughly enjoyed our road trip with Noctis and the boys, though found the AI to be a little problematic. You can check out our full thoughts here.

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