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Epic Delays Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day Update and Event One Day After Holiday


Epic Delays Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day Update and Event One Day After Holiday

Epic Games announced today it was delaying the Valentine’s Day event for Fortnite’s Save The World mode and accompanying update 2.5.0 until tomorrow.

In a Reddit post, Epic apologized for the lack of details surrounding the delay and release of the patch. Since the patch was delayed, the studio explained how it would handle resetting players’ Seasonal Gold that were not spent.

“Our initial plan was to reset Seasonal Gold in v2.5.0 which may have caused you to lose leftover gold,” Epic wrote. “To try and avoid that we adjusted to convert the leftover gold to Firecracker Tickets. Due to the delay in the build, there is nothing in the event store and Storm Llamas have disappeared. We did a poor job communicating this and did not create a good experience for you.”

The studio previously told players it was okay to spend all their Seasonal Gold before the reset wipe, which angered the Fortnite subreddit users about the new conversion plan. Epic gave more details on plans for future resets.

“Future gold resets will be on specific dates, following the Spring it on Event, and we will communicate that information to you in advance. For now, Seasonal Gold will be converted to Firecracker Tickets. We’ll be adding a random Blue Schematic (no limit on number) to the store, for you to spend any leftover Seasonal Gold you have.”

The update is expected add a Valentine’s Day-themed quest line, the Cupid’s Crossbow weapon, and more difficulty options for the Save the World PvE mode. The servers will go offline for the 2.5.0 update on Feb. 15 at 4 a.m. ET. Matchmaking for the Battle Royale mode will be disabled at 3:30 a.m. ET.

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