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Bayonetta 2 Has Some Interesting Easter Eggs Hinting at the Third Game and Smash Bros.

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Bayonetta 2 Has Some Interesting Easter Eggs Hinting at the Third Game and Smash Bros.

Bayonetta 2 has finally released on the Nintendo Switch, bringing the Umbra Witch back in action. Many of the main features are included in the port, including amiibo functionality. Normally, you will use this to scan figurines of Peach, Daisy, Link, Samus, Fox McCloud, and Falcon to unlock some of the Nintendo-themed costumes early on in the game.

The resident weapons dealer, Rodin, will have a special message for Bayonetta every time you scan an amiibo. These letters vary per figurine, but they all allude to the corresponding character you scan. That said, players can also use other amiibos in the game, giving players some useful in-game items. The Nintendo Switch port has a few new special messages that contain some pretty interesting easter eggs, particularly for Smash Bros. and Bayonetta 3. You can read the messages below (via YouTuber GameXplain):

Bayonetta 2
Bayonetta 2
Bayonetta 2

The first Bayonetta 2 message likely hints to the demand from fans who have been asking for a third game. Similarly, the second letter seems to be about Bayonetta’s hairstyle and how it changes every game. “I just wanna see what your hair’ll do next,” might mean that she could be getting a completely different hairstyle or maybe even some new powers in the third installment.

Finally, Rodin’s last message is definitely talking about the “all-stars” Smash Bros. series, seeing as how she was added in the fourth game as DLC. Interestingly enough, the weapons dealer mentions, “Bring me along next time huh? I could use the sparrin’ practice,” which could be a potential hint that Rodin will be part of the next Smash Bros. Either that, or he’s just pulling Bayonetta’s leg. Whatever the case, these little clues or a great nod to the Umbra Witch.

Bayonetta 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The third game is under development with no current release date. Here are some things we’d like to see in the next installment.

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