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Ubisoft Is Working on a Virtual Assistant Named SAM


Ubisoft Is Working on a Virtual Assistant Named SAM

“SAM, open the pod bay doors.”

Ubisoft’s latest project isn’t a game, but a “virtual assistant” that’s engineered to help “enhance” your gaming experience. Its name is SAM, and it wants to be your friend.

SAM is the newest addition to the Ubisoft Club, and will use subscribers’ friends lists, game libraries, profile info, and more to help offer information and other “tips” customized to each player’s needs. If you’ve ever interacted with a chatbot on Facebook or something like that, then SAM’s functionality will seem pretty familiar.

“By chatting through voice or text input, players can ask Sam anything about Ubisoft games and services through SAM’s chatbot Q&A feature,” Ubisoft says.

It’s interesting that Ubisoft has chosen to travel down this path, but it could make for some useful additions to players’ everyday interactions. It also uses Google Cloud’s Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, which lets Sam’s dev team use data to quickly interpret and answer questions.

If you’re interested in trying SAM out now, it’s in open beta, and Ubisoft Club users in Canada can try it out via the mobile app. It’s only up and running in English, though it should be spreading from there soon. If you try it out, let us know what you think!


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