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Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Samurai Set


Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Samurai Set

How to Get the Samurai Set DLC in Monster Hunter World

If you pre-ordered Monster Hunter World, you may have received a code to download a sweet-looking Samurai Set for your character. While we’ve already given you a quick rundown on how to redeem beta items and pre-order DLC here, some may be wondering exactly where to find the Samurai Set within the many menus of Monster Hunter World. Let us run you through it.

To find the Samurai Set in Monster Hunter World, first make sure you’ve cleared through the tutorial. This will come to an end after your first quest, once you’ve been inside your room. Upon exiting, head right back inside and speak to the Housekeeper. Redeem your DLC items (assuming you’ve already redeemed your code) from the list that appears of content you can download.

Now that you’ve done this, head to the chest in the corner of your room in Monster Hunter World. Select the Change Appearance option at the very bottom of this list, and then you’ll be able to switch up your character’s look. It’s worth noting that the Samurai Set isn’t actual armor, but a cosmetic item to make your character look badass in cutscenes. We know, we’re disappointed it’s not real armor, too. Once you’ve either changed the full set, or just wanted the helmet from the Samurai Set, back out of the menus and continue on your adventure hunting monsters.

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