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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Beta Items & Rewards


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Beta Items & Rewards

Get a leg up in the adventure.

Redeeming Beta Items and Rewards in Monster Hunter World

If you’ve been playing the Monster Hunter World beta to see all it has to offer, chances are that you’ve cleared some of its missions and have received the notification stating that you’ll get some gifts in the full release. As long as you keep your save file from the beta, you’ll be able to redeem these beta items in the final product.

First off, start up Monster Hunter World and play through the prologue and tutorial. Once you reach the resource center, follow the leader until he eventually shows you to your room. Here, you’ll find your housekeeper to the side, next to the Item Box. Talking to the housekeeper will bring up a menu that lets you go to the training area or claim your add-ons and rewards. Do note that you won’t be able to claim anything until you’ve completed the first quest, which is an easy mission that tasks you with killing a few Jagras.

After you’ve done that, go back to your room and talk to the housekeeper. You’ll now be able to see a full list of rewards you’ve unlocked and claim them from the menu.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Monster Hunter World.

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