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Monster Hunter World: How to Find and Befriend Poogie


Monster Hunter World: How to Find and Befriend Poogie


The best video games are those that let you spend endless amounts of time petting and playing with cute little sidekicks, rather than saving the world or completing objectives. Luckily, if boredom begins to set in or you want a little time away from the madness of hunting giant Dinosaur like creatures, Monster Hunter World has a cuddly little easter egg, in the form of Poogie the Pig, to pass the time with.

He can be found in the main hub area of Astera, hanging out for a quick laugh, pet, or dress-up session. But before you can do all that, you’ll need to complete a quick little mini-game in order to befriend him. Wait until an exclamation mark appears over his head and tap the Circle (on PS4) or B (on Xbox One) button to pet him. Time it right and he will jump for joy as only pigs do, with a flurry of hearts appearing over his head. Time it wrong and Poogie will not so politely head-butt you in response.

Once you are on good terms with Poogie, you’ve got a few fun options. You can pet him again, at which point he will slowly follow you around the hub as you go, or rename him whatever you like (Captain Pork, for example) and dress him up in a variety of different costume and color options for that perfect touch. Poogie can also be used to discover hidden treasures. If you choose to carry him and walk around, the controller will vibrate to indicate something nearby. Poogie will then trot off to find out where it is and bring it back for you.

That is all you need to know about befriending Poogie in Monster Hunter World. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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