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Death Stranding Development Continues to Surprise Sony


Death Stranding Development Continues to Surprise Sony

It might not take as long as we thought.

Recently, Hideo Kojima did an interview with Dengenki in which he talked about the development of his upcoming game Death Stranding. While details surrounding the game have remained vague and confusing since its announcement in 2016, it appears that things behind the scenes are going quite smoothly. Kojima said that development is going along nicely and that they’ve gone at such a pace that even Sony is impressed by the progress.

He says in the interview that game development normally takes about 3-5 years if they have the tools ready and that Sony directly told him they’ve never seen someone make a game at such a blistering pace. Though while development is proceeding quickly, the date the game releases still seems to be a long ways off. Though Kojima did say that the game has “surpassed the experiment phase.” Which is all good news for fans who were worried that the game might take an obscene time to be developed.

He ends the interview on an optimistic note, telling Dengenki in regards to the future of Death Stranding: “Please look forward to the “future” where I can unveil that to everyone.” The game is set to release for PS4 at an unspecified date.

Here is an excerpt from the interview we are referring to:

“Currently, we have surpassed the experiment phase, and by entering the next step, we’re feeling the response to the new gameplay.

In the schedule of the overall gaming industry, normally it would take about 3 to 5 years to develop a game with everything already prepared beforehand: organization, human resources, game system, engine, tools, etc. But we prepared them while producing the game in parallel. While doing that, we’re proceeding smoothly towards the schedule we have decided on. Everyone at our partner [company] SIE also said: “We’ve never seen [someone] making [a game] with a pace as fast as this.”



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