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AGDQ Successfully Raised over $2.2 Million for Charity


AGDQ Successfully Raised over $2.2 Million for Charity

Good work guys!

After a long week of impressive feats of gaming, 2017’s Awesome Games Done Quick has finally wrapped up. The week of gamers speedrunning games for charity ended with AGDQ having raised a total of $2,263,508 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The numbers are still being tallied, but thus far the event outdid last year’s AGDQ by roughly $40,000. Over 32,000 people donated money with 130 of them going so far as to donate over $1000. Across the week Awesome Games Done Quick completed 150 speedruns with the final one being a five hour speedrun of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A run that focused only on the main quests the game offers.

The first AGDQ happened back in 2011 and accrued a little over $52,000 dollars. Since then, AGDQ has only grown and has since become one of the biggest gaming charity fundraisers of the year. Thousands tune in each year to watch gamers pull of impressive speedruns and donate money for various good causes. The next event, Summer Games Done Quick, is scheduled to begin June 24 and run through to July 1.


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