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PUBG: Does it Have Xbox One Achievements?


PUBG: Does it Have Xbox One Achievements?

Does PUBG Have Xbox One Achievements?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, most commonly referred to as PUBG, has garnered a massive following and its fan base isn’t dwindling any time soon. PUBG has been dominating the scene for PC gamers and now it’s finally making its way to players on console as well. While there isn’t much good news for PS4 owners, Xbox One owners have quite a bit to celebrate as PUBG has finally arrived for the system. So now that Xbox One owners can try PUBG out for themselves, will they also be able to rack up some new achievements in the process? Unfortunately, not just yet.

PUBG’s insane popularity and massive player base is more than enough to cause some gaming enthusiasts to forget that this game technically isn’t even complete just yet. The game that is breaking the Internet and smashing records is actually still in its preview phase. While this obviously doesn’t seem to have much impact on how fun it is to play, it does impact whether or not achievement-hungry players will have an added incentive to try it out on Xbox One.

Since the game is still in its preview phase, there are currently no Xbox One achievements available for it. Before you get too down in the dumps, it’s more than safe to say that achievements will make their way to the game soon. Once a full version of PUBG is released on Xbox One, players can probably expect to find a full collection of unlockable achievements. These achievements would come alongside various other forms of new content that developers would add or utilize to give the popular game a bit of a more polished. So if you were looking to pick up PUBG solely for new achievements, you might want to wait it out a while. On the other hand, if you’re just interested in seeing what all the hype is about and joining in on the delightful mayhem,

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