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4 Games That Will Probably, Definitely, Get Delayed in 2018


4 Games That Will Probably, Definitely, Get Delayed in 2018

The top candidates for delays in 2018.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III will likely send hundreds upon thousands of gamers into a nostalgic daydream when they finally get their hands on it. Kingdom Hearts’ reach stretched far into the childhoods of many, and as such, people are pretty darn hyped for Kingdom Hearts III. And, now that there’s a Toy Story-themed world in there, we can’t exactly blame you.

If we’re to believe Square Enix’s D23 2017 trailer for the game, the wait is almost over, too. Currently slated to release sometime in 2018, in a year’s time, we may have already watched the credits roll. We think not, however. You see, following the insane amount of time players waited for Final Fantasy XV, we get the feeling that Square won’t let this one into the wild until it’s absolutely perfect. And that’s great news for fans… IF you don’t mind waiting.

Even when we do finally get a more specific release date, we wouldn’t hedge our bets on it actually releasing. Remember, this is the same publisher that hosted a massive event to reveal the release date for Final Fantasy XV, only to go ahead and delay it by a few months later on. As much as we’re praying to the Disney gods to finally play Kingdom Hearts III in 2018, we just can’t go through that pain again.

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