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Friday the 13th Content Roadmap Released; Single-Player Will Be Episodic

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Friday the 13th Content Roadmap Released; Single-Player Will Be Episodic

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Friday the 13th: The Game was originally released digitally back in May of this year and saw players working together as campers to try and survive against one player who was in control of the relentless Jason. The game currently only features online multiplayer but developer Illfonic did originally say that single-player would be released in the summer of this year.

Summer has come and gone without any single-player content being released, but it has now been announced that the content has been delayed and will instead be released episodically and the devs are “breaking it into a number of different experiences that can be released independent of one another.”

The announcement has been published on the game’s Steam page along with a roadmap to show players what they can expect to see added to the game in the near future. The post explains that the delay of the single-player content was caused by the numerous bugs and issues that were present in the game upon its release, in particular, one which caused Xbox gamers to experience crashes regularly. The team wanted to make sure that the base game was stable before going on to work on new content.

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The post also makes it clear that, for the most part, work on new content doesn’t affect the maintenance of the main game, but some of the team did have to stop their new work in order to help iron out any issues.

“I also want to address the misconception that certain content we launch affects single player,” reads the post. “It doesn’t. An artist working on outfits is not the same person that is programming AI. The designer setting up scripted events for single player is not making the new Jason models. What does impact Single Player are the bugs and stability issues; that AI programmer may have to shift to fixing a bug occasionally. The designer may have to shift to fix balance or gameplay bugs on maps. This is why we are delayed. We made the decision to fix rather than add new stuff which again, is what caused the delay.”

Friday the 13th single-player content is now expected to launch sometime in 2018.

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