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Ys VIII PC Version and Localization Fix Delayed to Early 2018

Ys VIII, Lacrimosa of Dana

Ys VIII PC Version and Localization Fix Delayed to Early 2018

The much needed translation patch has been pushed back.

Sad news for people who have been waiting to play the best version of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. The incoming patch to fix the localization of this JRPG has been pushed back from this month to a vague release window of early 2018. The PC version has also been delayed to coincide with the release of the patch.

Ys VIII was originally released in North America on Sep. 12 for PlayStation 4 and Vita. The game received generally favorable reviews but was heavily criticized for its poor localization. It contains grammatical errors aplenty with lines such as “do something about this, if I am ever in need of assistance?” Bizarrely, certain locations and enemies that received English names in the Japanese version were altered and butchered in the Western release. For example, “crevice of the archeozoic era” became “archeozoic big hole” and “mephorashm” became “mephorashmoo.” The translation errors even seeped into the gameplay. Certain food items’ descriptions are mismatched, causing some items to produce completely different effects to what the game describes.

NIS America are going to drastic lengths to fix this issue, hiring a brand new translator and editor to go over the whole localization and make the necessary changes. Furthermore, certain voice work is going to be re-recorded to better reflect the original Japanese script. Seeing how much NIS America has to do to fix the localization, it’s no surprise that the patch has been delayed. The game will likely be much better for it when we see the fixes implemented in early 2018.


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