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See 12 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Upcoming DLC, The Frozen Wilds


See 12 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s Upcoming DLC, The Frozen Wilds

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland.

Aching to see more of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s upcoming The Frozen Wilds DLC expansion? Sony and Guerrilla Games have teamed up to bring you a 12-minute video chock full of gameplay from the upcoming DLC pack, featuring the “Survivor” quest in particular. It looks super chilly out there, and you probably don’t want to venture out too far without a coat.

The Frozen Wilds will feature plenty of new content for fans to hungrily devour as Aloy explores a new area with an all new plot thread, and new machine enemies to take down. Of course, if it’s not completely obvious you will need the original game to access this content, and you’ll want to have ventured quite a ways through it before tackling this DLC content. It’s probably best that you work your way as far as you can through the main campaign before working on this additional content.

You can pick up The Frozen Wilds on its own on Nov. 7 for $19.99, but if you need the full game too, you can purchase the Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition with the full game and the expansion physically and digitally on Dec. 5. Just in time for you to be rolling around in the snow in real life, too.


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