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Remedy Could Be Working on a New Multiplayer Game

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Remedy Could Be Working on a New Multiplayer Game

What could Remedy be working on next?

Remedy Games has posted a job listing looking for a new game designer, though it hasn’t mentioned what game the posting is for just yet. That’s where the fun comes in, trying to figure out exactly what the job may call for in the future going forward.

The company is widely known for games like Max Payne and Alan Wake as well as Quantum Break, and it’s currently working on a title with the codename “P7.” While there’s no concrete information on what kind of game will be worked on just yet, the job listing certainly sounds very similar to games like Destiny or a Battle Royale-styled game:

“Are you constantly thinking about intriguing ways to excite your players and keep them invested in your game’s world? Are you obsessed with lore and a desire to create rich content that communities will devour? Do you design challenge systems that are so moreish your players plan their week around them? Have you already designed the next Battle Royale? Are you always among the first to find Xûr?”

It’s possible the company could be moving into the Battle Royale or multiplayer gaming space, which would be an interesting departure for the publisher, which has typically released single-player titles in the past. Whatever the game may be, it’s set to use the same engine that Quantum Break utilized and is set for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2018.


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