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Gwent Standalone Release Delayed to 2018


Gwent Standalone Release Delayed to 2018

Bad news for Gwent fans.

It looks like fans of the Witcher series itching to get their Gwent fix may need to wait a bit since it appears that Gwent’s full standalone release has been delayed to 2018.

The news comes courtesy of Marcin Iwiński, co-founder of CD Projekt Red, in an update on the official Gwent website. In the update, Iwiński detailed the reasoning behind the decision, citing that the team at CD Projekt Red wanted to increase the size and scale of Thronebreaker, the game’s single-player campaign. As a result, the game will need more time in development to fully flesh out the campaign accordingly.

In the update, Iwiński apologizes to Witcher fans who were looking forward to playing the game over the holidays and offered a consolation. For players taking part in the game’s beta he announced that the company would be increasing the rate of multiplayer updates. He tells players to expect frequent content additions including cards and challenges as well as patches and balance tweaks up to the game’s final release.

Gwent was initially a popular mini-game hidden away within The Witcher 3, but due to the game’s popularity with fans CD Projekt Red decided to work towards a full standalone release of it. As of right now the game is in an open beta and was originally meant to have a December release.

There hasn’t been any word yet on a new specific date for the game’s release now that it has been delayed, though fans can still enter the  beta on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.


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