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Call of Duty: WWII Developer Addresses Ongoing Matchmaking Issues

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Call of Duty: WWII Developer Addresses Ongoing Matchmaking Issues

Headquarters will have to wait, though.

Sledgehammer Games, developer of Call of Duty: WWII, has released a statement apologizing and explaining how the team will be fixing multiple issues with the game’s multiplayer.

The majority of the issues began last Friday when an update for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 caused matchmaking disconnects and other server problems for many players. Sledgehammer Games apologized for the issues in a blog post on Sunday, and stated the team was “working around the clock” on fixes.

“We’re seeing millions of fans play every day,” said the studio. “However, we also know we’ve had issues, there’s frustration. We recognize that and we hear you.”

Due to Friday’s update causing “server performance,” the game was moved to peer-to-peer (P2P) servers and disabled dedicated servers. The developer announced today that dedicated servers were back for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for the United States, and would roll out to other territories once the fixes were validated.

Meanwhile, Headquarters will remain a solo affair until the team has solved the “most pressing concerns first.” Headquarters, the game’s social space similar to Destiny’s Tower, had its matchmaking turned off on the game’s launch weekend to “improve online server experience.”

Call of Duty: WWII players have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns over compensation for these ongoing issues, since players lose valuable XP and supply drops from being forcibly disconnected from multiplayer matches.

Additionally, Activision announced today that the live date for COD Points, the game’s premium currency, has been delayed until Nov. 21. The currency can be used to purchase supply drops, which can also be earned in-game.


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