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You Can Start Preloading Super Mario Odyssey Right Now

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You Can Start Preloading Super Mario Odyssey Right Now

Odyssey, yes, see!

Ready to get your Super Mario Odyssey on starting this week? If you didn’t preorder a physical copy and you’ve got plenty of space waiting around to be filled on your Switch, you can go ahead and start preloading the game right now.

The option to preload the game just became available today, with a 5.2 GB space requirement for anyone looking to go ahead and get their system ready for the countdown to Friday, which will mark the first big console Mario release in quite some time.

Super Mario Odyssey is making some big changes this time around, giving Mario the option to use his trusty hat sidekick Cap to control other characters, including dinosaurs, Goombas, balls of fire, and even more. As you travel around the game you’ll make friends with the various characters throughout each kingdom, including (bizarrely) humans, as revealed in New Donk City in earlier trailers.

Super Mario Odyssey touches down on Friday, Oct. 27, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. This is a massive week for games, as Assassin’s Creed Origins and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus break out on the same day. If you’re planning on doing the Odyssey, as the theme song goes, you’ll be well on your way as soon as the game officially unlocks on Switch.


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