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Is The Evil Within 2 Xbox One X Enhanced?


Is The Evil Within 2 Xbox One X Enhanced?

Is The Evil Within 2 Xbox One X Enhanced?

The Evil Within 2 does its very best to bring terrifying creatures and a dark, dreary world to life. As Sebastian Castellanos, players will explore this world in the hope of finding his daughter Lily. With this being one of the big third-party titles hitting the Xbox One in Fall, some players may be wondering if it’ll be an Xbox One X enhanced title.

Well, we have some good news for you. According to a listing over on the official Xbox website, the game is Xbox One X enhanced. This means that if you’re playing on Microsoft’s superpowered Xbox One, you’ll be getting an improved console experience

Unfortunately, what the listing doesn’t tell us is exactly how The Evil Within 2 will be enhanced on Xbox One X. Looking at the likes of Crackdown 3’s listing, you can see that 4K and HDR are both mentioned on the page. This suggests that The Evil Within 2 may not make full use of the Xbox One X. However, there’s always the chance that this is just an error in the listing by Microsoft.

It’s worth noting that The Evil Within 2 hasn’t been listed as being compatible with the PS4 Pro over on Sony’s site, either. As such, it’s possible that enhancements on both consoles may be minimal.

For more on The Evil Within 2, be sure to check out our wiki.

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